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2019 Massachusetts Random Image Thread

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When it's too warm to ice fish I find other ways to keep busy.

Did some scratching at a Depression era farm dump. Was a diary farm. Hundreds of broken milks bottles. I only found one intact but cracked. It was from my town so still cool. I collect local mostly. 

The cap gun was very cool. I thought it was real at first. From National Fireworks Distributing Company out of Boston. (Box pic stole from a Japanese blog can't recall name).

The milk bottle was 1929, the cap gun from the 20s. The oldest bottle is the little ink well from the 1890s. 





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We often pick up old bottles as we are scratching hogs in the creek. Once in a while they are all in one piece . I had an old collection of bottles a bunch of years ago that I sold at my yard sale one spring and never went back to collecting them. It can be a interesting hobby , if you stay with it.

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5 hours ago, mikez2 said:

Keep your eyes open while you wade.

My best artifacts finding spot was discovered while trout fishing. 







Those are nice finds. What is the top item? An old pipe?

I found two of these while fishing a couple weeks ago. :banghd:



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