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2019 Massachusetts Random Image Thread

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Canal woes got you down ? The other bass still willing to play. Crowds at night getting mugged tangled lines poachers I've yet to encounter . I've only had company once this year it was awful been a couple of years since the last encounter, Biggest hassle I've had lately an Owl thinking a buzzbait is a late night snack. P7180038.JPG.a93d63e77becc5be3a136458c483fcfb.JPGP7180037.JPG.e7501ae9c911de8fcb16bec0919cd9b8.JPGP7180036.JPG.e9321920bf84d3a7feb9d3d3d46e5d75.JPGP7180035.JPG.bebf8690c7678e4c8d80ff14d6be9774.JPGP7180032.JPG.a376103c85823a4563be3ae551f56aa0.JPGP7180031.JPG.3196af811aa1f8bbae3110b3d3bd6436.JPGP7180040.JPG.692b71fab1f6e29b670d0608c3d0209c.JPGP6150012.JPG.1acbf2c845d94614803eca38dd575f9a.JPG5cfa9717258b4_P6070007(2).JPG.46fec678d5b9a39dc84fe8200bef9d6b.JPG5cfa975e70692_P6050011(2).JPG.d1db0925fdedb108890697a02f19d1f3.JPG


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