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Bare jig heads.....one more time.

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One more round of bare jig heads.  These are a bit out of the ordinary.  

As usual, all hooks are Mustad, forged for strength and plated for saltwater use.  Sizes are listed in the pictures with each individual head.

In addition they are shown with the actual weight, not the weight listed by the mold manufacturer.  In a couple cases the molds have been modified so there will be major differences from the original specs.  Just to be accurate and provide good information.

Sparkies and forward balanced Ultra Minnows:  both of these styles and the next one to come are great for fluke in the surf and other shallow water locations.



Wobble jigs:  fluke killers for sure.  Up to 1 oz for the surf and the larger sizes for drifting deeper waters.



Prices, Sparkies:

1/2 oz = .90 ea

3/4 oz = 1.00 ea

1 oz = 1.10 ea

1 1/2 oz = 1.35 ea


Forward balanced Ultra Minnows:

1/2 oz =1.25 ea

3/4 oz = 1.35 ea

1 oz = 1.45 ea

1 1/2 oz = 1.80 ea


Wobble jigs:

The first three have barbed tails for holding soft plastic like twister tails.  Gulp grub tails or 4" swimming minnows are a killer combination with these.

3/8 oz = .60

5/8 oz = .90 ea

1 oz = 1.10 ea

The rest are slightly different.  They have a collared tail for tying bucktail and include a wire "keeper" molded in along the hook shank to hold soft plastic.

1 oz = 1.35 ea

2 oz = 2.10 ea

3 oz = 2.80 ea

4 oz = 3.20 ea


Shipping is extra.

Payment by PayPal, money orders, checks or credit cards are OK.

     Other head shapes listed in other threads.

     Thanks for looking and good luck fishing.



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Dan, I'd like the following:


Forward balanced Ultra Minnows:

2 - 3/4 oz 

2 - 1 1/2 oz

Collared Wobble jigs:

2 -1 oz 

2- 2 oz 

2 - 3 oz 

I'd also like a few regular Ultra Minnows form the other "Bare" thread:

2 - 2 oz

2 - 3oz


14 jigs total. This is my first foray in the CBST forum. Not sure how it works. Message me with a total and your paypal? you're shipping to 08752



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