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47 mins ago, john1234 said:

I guess I’m a little traumatized from a time I decided I wouldn’t need my loaded Cordell and sure enough fish breaking 20 yds past my cast and if I had that plug I would have had fish for now I cram 3 plugs in every tube( will admit It did get frustrating untangling plugs in October when I was on fish but it was so cold my fingers weren’t working). I try and have 1 of every thing I think I might need ie.... a big topwater, a small topwater, a big swimmer and a small swimmer and so on.

they make tube cady,one lure in one tube.

i tie main line to swivel,then 4' leader to clip,this way you can change lures quick.if i do not have plan then i get confused which lure to put on and for how long.if i have plan the fishing is easy i just folow the plan,the fish will tell me what they wanet.retreve speed or pouse.

when i face the water i cover from 10  a clock to 2 a clock,mi first cast is longest cast,spinig rod,i count turnes and now i know how far i cast,my turn on reel handle is 24"=2',i cast 7/8 oz HJ#14 from 100' to 200' it depend on wind.why is this important ?

when i hit fish i count the turns and now i know how far is the school of fish,if the fish was 40 turns=80',i cast and count and i know when i am coming on the fish.

first cast i crank 10 turns and stop,i cover from 10 to 2 a clock,if it is not working i change to 5 turns and stop,then 3 turns and stop.

when you get hit you have to remember what you were doing,now you can duplicate that.

some time you have to pouse 10 second,20 second or 30 second,if you have suspended lure,you crank that 1' down or 4' down and let the curent work the lure,i prefer lure stay perfect hirizontal when suspended it look more naturall.

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