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22 mins ago, HL said:


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - NO!!

The take is not the same.

Going to Tampa area in mid Feb - with a wading guide - He spins fish most of the time. He says he's not much of a fly guy - but will practice with a fly rod before I get there. 

Hope to post some nice red fish pix.

You can teach him.

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2 hours ago, titleguy said:

The dark side is strong in you......


6 hours ago, bonefishdick said:

Santa Clause was very good to me once again and as usual, toys for the old man ruled the day. My big gift was a new Dyna King vice and I had no idea that the first thing I would tie on it was not going to be a fly.


Each year I go to Sanibel at least two times a year but that did not happen last year which also meant I had lots of time to think about lots of things. The one thing I really thought was this year I wanted to expand my fishing by trying to break out my spinning rod and use some small jigs for the Snook when the wind was not user friendly. I have a friend on Sanibel who slays the fish using a 7 ft spinning rod with 10 lb Power Pro, a bite tippet and 1/2 ounce jigs. After observing him for a few years I decided that I would follow suit and see how things would go on the Dark Side.


The new vice actually got broken in making up a bunch of 1/2 ounce jigs which hopefully will get me through  the year since they will not be my first choice. I know they aren't flies but it's fishing.


The final product.




Exactly what I do, Bonefish. Light spinning gear with lures when the wind and waves preclude the fly rod. I'd rather fish with a coffee grinder than sit home and tie flies. Good man yourself! Those jigs look fishy to me.



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No blackmouth this morning, but hard to beat having the beach to yourself on a nice crisp bluebird winter day at sunrise.





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