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Flyfishing Germany, Dec. 30th. 2018

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As the fishing session at the stock pond resulted in a complete blank I had to go out for a final time in order to close the fishing year off with fish.
The warmer weather had finally prevailed and so I was on my way to Germany.

Since my MD told that I was too heavy or as I put it I am to short for my weight I tried the bike route again,
roughly 19 miles single way over hardened farm roads and through small villages.
I had planned a new route and the small smuggling path in the swamp between the Dutch / German border
was located in the pitch black of morning.
My shortcut up ahead though was a dirt road so I had to change the route at the last minute but
made it in two hours flat to the water.

Surprisingly the river was very clear and also very low which is not really helpful in catching fish as hiding places become scarce.
The plus side was that I could wade to the adjacent bank to have a better shot at the few deeper pools.
At one pool I finally got some bites and managed to catch a roach … skunk avoided.

The usual spots failed me so I headed into the woods where all pools seemed fishless.
No life at all was visible with the exception of some midges dancing around the water.
I had expected more action as conditions seemed pretty good.
In one pool I had some nibbles on the nymph and lost one fish, small stuff though.
The final pool I fished was downstream where dace where usually present.
I could spot the fish in the clear water but they seemed lethargic.
A deep drifted nymph yielded two fish and that was it.

Off course it became dark early and so the proper thing to do was to go to the pub.
I had hoped I would finally get that precious onion soup as starter but it was still not available.
Off course I protested (again ) and had to settle for the tomato soup.
As starter I had the tomatoes and mozzarella.
The main course was an oven dish, a potato with a creamy souce … I was tempted to order fries on the side
but refrained because of my eh.. unbalanced weight to length ratio.
The dessert was a peach cake with coffee and off course plenty of cream.


All that food meant that I would have to skip my train ride home and bike all the way back again, so I did.
While I was dining the weather had changed and light rain was now falling.
It was pitch black outside again which made navigating through the forest paths and farm roads interesting.
On the last leg near the border the navigation on the phone stalled and I missed an important turn hence

I had to double back a distance.
In the end I found the border crossing through the swamp and made if home safe.
So that was fishing 2018 for me which leaves me only to wish everyone the best for 2019
and hope that everybody is present here again next year.



















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Essen und Gefressen! My mother used to smuggle letters taped to her body from East Germany to West through the Harz Mountains. The East German border guards suspected what she was doing but never caught her. They threatened to kill her if they ever caught her.

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