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The Past and the Future and a Happy New Year

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As we wind down from 2018 and look back behind the walls of many of the posts put up here this year we are able to see some very concerned and dedicated fishermen and women of our time. We also see the learning that has gone on here in and around Stripers On Line that has assisted many in finding a new path to obtaining a good and wholesome way of life, if we fish with ethics and share in the experience with others.

WE also see that some who fish have failed in there responsibility to fish with ethics and be concerned citizens of the sporting community .


WE have seen some laws of enforcement have been enforced more as a result of some judges being more aware of what poaching is doing to our environmental aquatic resource .


We have seen many new faces come to this site to make friends in more cases then we can all imagine .


We also still see some who continue to keep some unexplained reasons to deflect and create animosity where non exists.


We have also seen the loss of some very fine fishermen that have gone onto King Neptune's Realm a loss that remains heavy on those who new them best.


As we begin another year I offer that we all strive harder to make this year  a better year for every one who posts here , More harmony, with less distractions . More that are willing to actively find a way to enforce the rules and regulations that we all must follow .    More that hold out the hand of friendship to those willing to except the friendship. More inner peace to those that on occasion lack the giving of love and respect to one another. More who can except the full meaning of being a brother or a sister to one another as we are guided by our maker in doing as part of the life in which we all live in.


Good fortunes to all that fish , may this year be safe and sound for you and may you get the fish of a life time or the experience you will never forget .


Happy New Year to one and all that make Stripers On Line your home away from home  :heart::howdy:




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