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It can be beautiful. Properly varnished, it's fairly durable. It adds luxe.  


If you were designing your own offshore machine, would you want it as a deck material?  Or even inside the cabin? Fishing is a sloppy business, big fish pound on the deck, they bleed,sharp tools get dropped, and so on. Most charter boats that I've seen don't have teak decking.  So what's the teak advantage? Is it just a display of the buyer's wealth? 


This is coming off a review of the Tower Yachts site, following makorider's mention of that build of yachts in the Seakeeper Gyro thread.


Another thought.  Granite countertops. ...  not on my dream fishing boat. Sub-Zero refrigerators? Pleeze. A competently outfitted galley is one thing.  Trump Palace on the water is another. 


I s'pose that by the time your mogul has made the money to buy one of these things, he's less interested in fishing then showing off, and his wife wants to enjoy the toy too, and that means a nice bathroom.

If a young mistress is there instead, she'll be OK with a serious fishing boat so long as the jewelry and other gal bling is adequately provided on shore. 

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