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I definitely believe the beach replenishment has hurt the fishery.  All of that structure that held the whole food chain are gone.  Now it's just a big desert that gets covered over every 5 years or so.  If there are no food sources for the game fish the game fish will disappear.

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On ‎2‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 7:03 PM, Ben Lippen said:

Yes, it's all true. The Comms. and the recs. are all lying about the abundance/and/or/lack of fish.  How that matters as opposed to the truth of the obvious loss of the resource (fish) is beyond my comprehension. 

The one lone fact that we can absolutely rely on is that far too many species of fish and game have ben over-harvested. Many to the point of extinction. That fact alone should send chills down any persons spine. But money does evil things to weak people. The Omega company snake oil sales pitch is the western equivalent of the Chinese rhino horn powder erection cure. It's all bullcrap.  I'm not about about destroying commercial fishing, but they damned well know that they are going to destroy this resource and then move on to another. They can lie to themselves and tell tales of their grandfathers, but once the resource is gone, it's only themselves to blame.

It's just plain stupid to even believe that a resource can recover, or even be managed, against modern methods of capture. Let alone the disgusting waste of the so-called by-catch.

And to say that recreational catches amount to much close to the haul of the boats, is just a bald faced lie. Always has ben, always will be. Why doesnt anyone want to speak the truth?

Ben.....truer words have never been posted.....maybe ASFMC and the Comms and Rec's will finally accept where ***we've*** put our stripers stock.


then again …..  :banghd:

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On 1/23/2019 at 7:20 AM, BillHoo said:

It reminds me of the early Industrial Age when Buffalo hides were the primary resource for making mechanical drive belts in steam powered equipment.


Buffalo were hunted just for their hides and their carcasses left to rot.  Early environmentalists said there were only a few hundred left and they must be conserved.  The Buffalo hunters and industrialists laughed and said the Buffalo were endless.  They built towns like Dodge City that were dependent on the Buffalo industry.


When the Buffalo dwindled, the hunters claimed, "There's a big herd just outside the Candaian border that comes through every year or so.  We just have to wait.  They waited, and they waited, and they waited...and the Buffalo never came.

Like the analogy. So true.


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