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16 hours ago, Mike said:

Wow. I don't think I've heard that in about a decade.  Great tune!

Hey mike shot you a pm about that lami  , did you get it ?

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1 hour ago, looney tunes said:

Squidsnit :laugh:


What the hell happened?

You ain’t got that kinda time left.  Look to the future and hope for the best.

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Friggin' Clemenza stern anchored that boat.  Italian seamanship has been on the decline since Columbus... they can barely be counted on to tie a decent knot anymore.

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3 hours ago, Kml said:

How did everyone make out with the snow?

I texted the marina in brick to bring my boat in for some work and he said maybe next week it is snowing really hard here. 

I am by Sandy Hook and we just got a dusting. 


Jackson 1/2 inch

56 mins ago, Slacker said:

In the days of Snaps youth... this was released 50 years and 1 day ago.



Wow brings back some memories, great Album, WNEW FM wasnt broadcasting yet, so, access to new stuff was somewhat limited, till they came on  the air, right Round that time 69? 70? so, My friend Bruce Bigelow, ( mick went to HS with him) calls me one afternoon, says gotta come over, a college radio station gonna broadcasting an album from this british  group Led Zepplin, I heard a cut " communication break down" effing great cut, so, we rig up a little better antennae, the broadcasting was fuzzy, but you still heard it, sitting in his basement listening to it. Blew me away. Went to freehold music, bought the album. Once WNEW started bcasting, you lived near NY you had access, to the new stuff coming out. They had a female DJ allycen steel, The Night Bird, her theme song when she intro in to her show, was flying, by the beatles, she was noted for reading some poetry, as part of her intro,  And playing full album sides,  no commercials!!! In the cars there was no such thing as FM radio, so, you were stuck with AM, and once you heard Led Zepplin, or the Who, look out, that was it!!!  Was like an explosion!! The signal we were looking for.

Then you started to hear Tull, Cream, Traffic, Grand Funk,  knew tull way before they released aqualung, that was the Album, when most people finally stood up and  understood them.

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