New hobie style kayak- lightning kayaks strike

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Looks like they are all in on "Affordable" option. :laugh:


Bad place for a hatch. I have a feeling water will be leaking in there. 








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On 12/21/2018 at 3:54 PM, r111 said:

re-watched Catch 130 from the show (Elias, Field etc). 


The bathtub/deck cavity is simply gigantic and completely exposed. They better do something about it in final version, or you wont be able to launch in any kind of surf in it. First wave that goes over the bow will dump 30+ gallons of water into the bathtub and boom, u r done.

They are not trying to take over the pa14 market with this yak,

would be fine for inshore market that is a lot bigger than offshore.

You know this is kinda like the VanStall argument.

A small percentage of super hardcore guys need them,most don’t.

To me it is the Tsunami Shield against the Van Staal.

You don’t get the best for cheap,but how much do you really need....

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We should be excited that more people are coming to the pedal kayak fishing market.  The competition should be cause for better boats to be developed and manufactured.  Tough to tell how this boat will compare until one of us actually takes it out and puts it through the paces.  I have trouble imagining it will  stand toe to toe vs the Hobie's, but we don't know what we don't know. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.

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Ok so a few things,

1) I've always wanted a pedal kayak, but the $2-$3K+ for a hobie seemed absurd. The new pedal drives coming out seem to provide a more feasible alternative. My guess is that in another year or two after initial demand drops they will be priced at $1250. 

2) The drive on the strike is compatible with the hobie drive so replacement parts should be easy to find. It may be possible to replace with a current hobie drive at some point, say if the original were lost, stolen, damaged beyond repair. I don't know if this is the case with the Pelican version, i suspect that it is.

3) Indiegogo campaigns are sketch, I'll wait for this to be in a retailer somewhat near where I live. I'm not really shook up by the $15k goal, my guess is they are just trying to gauge their market and demand before ramping up production. However I want to see and touch this thing in real life before i spend money on it, and there is no way in hell i'm paying $200 for shipping - that's just wasted money. 

4) I like the comment that compared Hobie's to Vaan Stahls and everything else to Tsunami's. I fish shimano reels (spheros) and old Premier Surf series St.Croix rods. My stuff clearly isn't top of the line but mid range, I catch a ton of fish and I'm happy. A Vaan Stahl will not help me catch more, nor will a $700 rod. I can't see how a Hobie will help me catch more that the Lightening or Pelican boats.

5) I take care of my stuff and I am careful with it. I can't throw money at new gear so I make sure the gear I have lasts. My current boat is an Ocean Kayak model from 2007, its at the end of its life span. It has served me well but one of these days it's going to crack and I'm going to be screwed. Point is taking care of either the lightening or pelican boats I should be able to get a reasonable lifespan out of it. 

6) Since we all watch EliasV (he was referenced a few times) then we are all aware that he has had some issues with his Hobie Compass. Same for Seamoney and FishAholic. Yes i watch a lot of YouTube, and I'm just kidding about "we all watch..." Point is everything is susceptible to mechanical failure depending on frequency of use, intensity of use, and care of equipment after use. Maybe the Hobies are made better, or maybe they are all made the same. 


I don't know if this or the pelican boats are worth it, but they are worth a serious look at. The local shop to me got 5 Pelican HyDryves in and sold them all in a week, so I'm not the only one interested in a cheaper Hobie alternative. 




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How much weight should we put into this being the initial release vs a well worn option (Hobie) ... this "looks" like a nice boat and the price is right, but wondering if a demo Compass at $200 more is a better deal, at least from a reliability standpoint?

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