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I don't know how many know the name Cordell Baume, but many may know the name Bonefish Whisperer. Cordell posted a number of years back on many forums and as those forms sort of faded into the twilight SOL did still survive, it do so for many many obvious reasons and still is a very strong and viable source of information and as long as that participation continues it will remain to be around for a long time. 


This post is about Cordell and for those that followed him back in the day an then sort of went to Facebook using a Blog I found this post put up on his Blog put up by his girlfriend and though some people would like to know and maybe send some prayers his way. 


This was her post and similar to what I dealt with and why I was in the hospital for 3 months.


Update on Cordell- he is still in ICU battling a very serious infection due to the cancer area on his chest /open wound getting bacteria,.. he is septic, can not talk as he is sedated and has a breathing tube down his throat. He has had 3 surgeries to clean infection from throat and chest area. He is a fighter and when sedation wears off he kicks and wants to pull tube out!
No visitors just family.. Please keep him in your prayers ! All the ICU nurses know he is the Bonefish Whisperer and about his fly fishing legacy. 
He IS in very serious condition, but with your prayers and good vibes he can make it! If you want to DM I am his girlfriend and my FB account is Angela Rodrigues.


Please send some prayers his way.



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Dick, I've fished with Cordell -- great guy, very passionate about fishing there in Key Biscayne area.   I sent my thoughts and prayers his way -- hope to hear from him soon that he's back out the water, chasing those bones and permit ...



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Posted (edited)

Being a fighter is the most important ingredient when an illness deals you a low blow.


Life is like a boxing match............the fight of life continues on well past the 15 round mark.



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