BV-300 5.1 Vs Ocea Jigger 11 1500PG

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Already have the BV-300 in the 5.1 ratio. Couldn’t help but pull the trigger on the older (2011) version of the Ocea Jigger in the power gear. 

I’ve already fluked and togged with the BV. It was effortless. Casts pretty well as well. Holds the same amount of line. I know it’s not anywhere near as smooth. I’m curious if it is indeed that much more powerful than the Ocea Jigger or are we just looking at drag numbers? Which will hold up better over time, which is more protected again bearing corrosion (rinsing down the reels after each use taken into consideration)? I know it’s apples to oranges in and lever vs star comparison. But for fluke, striped bass, tog, which is the better overall reel?

And does the Ocea Jigger have enough power and drag to wreckfish with?

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I would rather have the star drag for bottom fishing. The ocea jiggers are super cool and have that spool lock which I can see being useful especially with a powerful rod for pulling up big tog. The lever drag I can see being more useful for eeling for stripers or live lining bunker. Any bait fishing where you want the fish to run before setting the hook or where quick drag adjustments are necessary that's where the lever drag shines. You're looking at drag numbers but have you actually fished with these drag numbers and I'm not talking about just guessing but actual pull on the scale from the rod? 20lbs is alot of drag. I've tested reels to get drag numbers on up to 100 pounds of drag on a 130 but once you get to 50 even straight pull it's just ridiculous I can't even imagine that coming off a rod with a fish pulling drag. Even 10 pounds of drag can do some damage. It's more than most people think. Gear ratio is going to be important when bottom fishing. A lower gear ratio will make it easier to turn the handle with higher drags otherwise you'll have to pump the rod to gain line. 

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