11:30 last night, I get a message from my friend's wife....

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"If you're up, call Bill"


I was, so I did. "Bill" took his dog out, on leash, in his backyard, for evacuation before heading to bed. Two minutes into their evening constitutional, a pit bull (dog of peace\) ran from across the street and attacked his sweet Labrador. "Bill" kicked the attacking dog that had his teeth sunk into his dog's neck. The dog released, circled around him, and went after his dog again, latching down on his dog's neck, again. "Bill" shot the dog of peace. 


Police were called, report taken, dog of peace reportedly transported to vet hospital. "Bill's Lab has a couple of punctures in his neck, he'll see the vet first thing this morning.


I counseled him that he should file an official complaint against the owner and the owner of the building where she lives, apparently she let's her dogs run free.


"Bill" and his Lab are about the two nicest beings on this planet. Good thing he was armed.



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This is the exact reason why i always have a razor sharp knife in my pocket at all times. Due to Governor commie, in the state of New York you're not allowed to protect yourself with a side arm . And if you did the dog of peace would be protected to the fullest extent of the law ,while you empty your bank account to keep your ass out of jail. I hope your  Friends dog recovers and they can put this behind them but if I was him the dog of Peace would be going to the morgue not the veterinarian

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16 mins ago, Stryper Snyper said:

Bill should be meeting with his lawyer after the vet!!!!! Eff the filing a complaint bullcrap!!!!

Sorry to hear about this. I’d bet the owner of the pit not only doesn’t give a crap but has no assets or insurance worth targeting which would be a shame. Bill would then have to go after the building owners but he’s have to weight the potential upside vs the time and cost of the litigation process. It might end up being a pyrrhic victory.   Best case might be for the pit to die, owner pays Bill’s vet/medical bills, gets a bunch of summons from the PD then gets the boot from the building owner.  

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