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Everyone says bogas are so bad bc it stretches their stomach.   Is there evidence of that.  I carry a boga 60# for the fish of a life time  and i carry tape measure but i sure as **** want to weigh it. 



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Anytime a fish is held vertically, regardless of species, its internal organs sag down toward the vent.  This can result in twisting of the digestive track, and thus eventual death.  This is of increasing risk with size, as the stomach is heavier.  A stomach full of food is even heavier still.  When holding the fish horizontally, support the stomach just forward of the vent. 


Disagree with the prior statement of not bait fishing.  Safest C&R is to bait fish with in-line circle hooks that have crushed barbs, and to use heavy tackle that will allow you to keep tension on the fish and end the fight quickly. So the rod, drag, retrieve speed (inches of line per handle crank) and line strength come into play.  By the way, as an added measure, all of my non-fly fishing gear is rigged with either a braid or mono shock leader of at least 40lb test.


No matter theplug, there is no justification for more than one belly hook.  I replace the front treble with a 4x (crushed barbs), and the tail is either a flag or a single hook (siwash or in-line, as applicable) again with crushed barbs,  All of my tins have a single hook with crushed barbs. Both my single hooks and all of my fly/teaser hooks are crushed before they are put in the tying vise.  This has been my practice since 1992.


It is my belief that the greatest damage has been done to the big breeders by the snag and drop tackle store/social media hero's.  Anyone who thinks they can release a bass that has been gut hooked by a 10/0 weighted treble is fooling themselves - and no, cutting the line will not rectify the situation.  I started surf fishing in 1976 up in Breezy Point/Fort Tilden - we clipped on 3oz Pichneys or Gibbs pencils when the big bunker showed up - the way we saw it, snag and drop was one level below the googans using "idiot plug" minnow lures.  By the way, I have what is probably a 6/0 snag hook with crushed barbs - I keep it handy for trying to snag a plug when it breaks off, since it (the plug) always has at least 41/2 ft of terminal leader attached, and sometimes most, if not all of the shock leader as well. But I never try to snag a break off during a Blitz.


Someone mentioned bucktail/lead head  jigs - safe for the fish if (1) crushed barbs (anyone detecting a theme?) and sized down.  I remember seeing one of the "kill them all so my club wins the interclub tournament" old timers trying to remove a "custom" lead head from the brain of a rat, all the while saying he hates to hurt the little ones.  The clown couldn't figure out that a 10/0 barbed jig hook would do a lobotomy on the fish....

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