Beach-fishing fat-tire bike project

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On 8/17/2019 at 6:14 PM, YakDawg said:

Hey Tom how's your beach bike holding up? Still having fun I hope. I finally got the nerve to go tubeless and also drilled out my unholy rims. The bike is much more lively and I no longer carry a spare tube and such. I went with the fatty-stripper setup. Was a pain to reseat the tires but after several tries I got them done. I'm ready for fall. 




Sorry, I missed this. See above. 


Nice work on the rims. Did you take any weights to see the savings? 


Running yesterday had me thinking about tubeless and I don’t think I miss it. As Joe points out, the weight savings, even a pound or more, is minimal. My goal on swapping the factory rubber for the Maxxis was to be able to take the pressure down. The factory rubber did not like low pressure and did not spread out much. Thus, it was a stranger ride, low pressure but the sidewalls did not collapse. So I saved some weight with the tire swap and got the ride I was seeking. 

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Glad your still enjoying it.  I was able to run pretty low (4) with tubes for many years so your new tires should be fine.  I saved my cut out discs but didn't weigh them yet.  You could feel the difference just holding the wheels and riding is definitely improved.   I'm glad I finally did it.

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35 mins ago, fatbikerjoe said:

Glad to see that you are still enjoying the fat bike.  This is Florida?  Gulf coast?  Looks like a good retirement plan for me.

Atlantic side, Palm Beach to Jupiter area. 

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