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To the best of my knowledge, Bailed Van Staals (VSBxxx) of any size were not introduced until 2008, by which time all Van Staal reels were made in China, even though the reel stems were not stamped to reflect this until later. My only China made VS is a VS150B of serial number 19xxx, and only the box and paperwork (1st picture)  reflect its origin. Of note, its paperwork (dated 2008) includes the entire VS product line, including the VSB line of reels. I looked at Alan Hawk's 2012 review of the VSB250, and his reel foot was stamped, so it seems VS started doing this sometime between 2008 and 2012.


2nd picture is paperwork from my USA assembled (from China made parts) VS250B (s/n 130xx) and VS150B (s/n 8xxx), which addressed the VS Spinning Reels, showed a picture of a C-Vex Fly Reel and described the VS Pliers and Tackle Bags.  Note that this is dated 2004.


3rd picture is paperwork from my USA made (ReelVentures LLC owned Van Staal in Hopedale, MA) VS100G (S/N 5xxx) which only addresses the VS100 thru VS300 reels, and includes self service instructions, and frequency of self or factory service vice usage required to maintain the limited lifetime warrantee.


I've addressed this in other posts on SOL, but here it is again - my direct input from Capt. Craig Cantelamo, whose time with VS dates back to the USA made days, is that all VS's with s/n 7000 and higher are either assembled in the USA from parts made in China (lower range of s/n's) or made in China (higher range of s/n's). 


Hope this helps.

China Made VS Paperwork.jpg

USA Assembled VS Paperwork.jpg

Reel Ventures LLC USA made VS Paperwork.jpg

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On 12/9/2018 at 0:15 AM, Skkeeter said:

Lol, you sound like me but my saying is I need another rifle like i need a venereal disease! I build precision rifles for a living. At some point I'l be looking for a VSB100G so let me know if you ever post it up for sale. I did see one sell for $585 but it was mint and US made. Seems like the only VS that really retains all of it's value or even over retail is the U.S. VS150 gold's, bailess. 

Good to

know, I have a few.

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