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I never heard of copperheads up there until that article in MassLive in 2012.  There’s plenty of Timber Rattlesnakes up there, for sure.  Mikey and I were embroiled in an wrongful death of an endangered species when we found a headless one in a garbage bag in our freezer.  Turns out one of the Alpine Slide kids killed it and snuck it into the freezer.  The EPO’s were nice once we explained to them that we were going to eat the snake for breakfast.  We thought it was shrimp.


Seeing that Dr. Seuss was a local, there is lots of swagger in Easthampton colloquial legend that has been ramped up to say that Mt. Tom is Mt. Crumpet.  They even light up a star on that side at the site of the WGGB broadcast towers and weather station.


If you walk up there at night in the winter, sit on those cliffs, and think hard  enough, anybody can be the Grinch sitting up on those cliffs.


I am the Grinch.  I hate this kind of stuff; it’s why I fish...I like being alone.


Thanks SL and guys for helping me realize that this isn’t the time of year to be so Grinchy.


So yeah, you got me, I have a huge tattoo of the crest of the ski area that covers the inside of my left bicep.  I’m not sure that any idiot loved that place more than me.  Now it’s a gravel pit.  Like my heart.


OK, heart has grown.  Carry on.



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Thanks everyone for the recommendations. We had dinner at Johnny’s Tavern on Friday night and Silver Spoon Diner on Saturday both of which were excellent. The team played at Lossone Rink and Mullins Community Rink. Plus they got to see the big boys play hockey at Mullins Center on Friday night.


 Thanks again.

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