Size of tsunami sand eel?

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On 12/4/2018 at 4:41 PM, yozeph said:

Sure hard to find those vision sand eels for sale

Vision hasn't made them in years.  Something about they moved facilities and never got the molding machines back up and running.  I had a few packs and never caught on them, so I gave them to MC55 on the beach one morning since he had posted he was almost out of them.  I do just fine on the tsunami sand eels or a good old slug-go on a 3/4 oz bullet head.

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On 12/4/2018 at 2:05 PM, jpiercy13 said:

Black surf eel at night worked a few nights ago for me. Got 2 on it paired with white teaser

They're awful, shoot me a PM guys and I will properly dispose of them for you :angel:

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I've found a good substitute for the vision sand eel that works for me is the "snowbee stinger skad" the small size.  The larger size does well also.


They are from the UK, so I order a batch of them each year to keep the costs down [under $3 each for the smalls] when including shipping.  


Vision is in the middle, small skad on bottom [black firetail], larger skad [pearl] on top





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