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Watch a movie a few times, even a real good one then one time you notice something real stupid and can't believe you missed it the other times you watched it? Whenever The Martian is on I'll keep it going even if it's background noise while I'm doing something else. Great movie and it took the place of my other feel good space movie, Apollo 13. The other night I was watching it and it hit me right between the eyes with something so stupid that I could not believe I had missed it before. Nick Whatney is stranded on Mars and he finally figures out a way to contact Earth by digging the old Rover or something out of the Martian dirt and fire it up so he can phone home. Once he sees that he can communicate he makes up three signs so the Rover rotating camera can point to one so they can communicate. One sign he places between the other two. It reads, "Are you receiving me" To the left he places another sign that reads, "Yes" and to the right he places the third sign that reads, "No" WTF would happen if the camera rotated to the "No" on the right? Still can't believe I missed that one all this time. Not as smart as I thought I was. 

Just wasting time since my Christmas Tree is up and most of my shopping is already done and It's still two hours till Rudolph come on.  

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