FAQs for 2018 CFA Winners

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First, and most importantly, THANK YOU for bidding and winning!!!!


Here's the TLDR version:

1.  Send your PayPal (Friends and Family, please) to

2.  Copy, paste and populate THIS into the notes section of your payment:


  • I won auction #:
  • My SOL name is:
  • My real name is:
  • My Mailing address is:
  • Special instructions are:



See below for details


1.  How/where do I pay?

Send your PayPal (Friends and Family, please) to


2.  What critical information do you need from me?

To get your winnings to you as quickly and as smoothly as possible, here's what you must include in the "notes" section of your PP payment:

a.  Auction Number

b.  Your SOL name

c.  Your full name and mailing address


3.  Is there anything else that you need?

Only if you've won an auction that includes any customization options.  For example:

a. For a book that will be inscribed by the author, please include the "inscription name" (e.g., please sign it "to Billy")

b. For plugs that include a custom-painted name option, please include the (preferably very short) name 

c. For plugs or other lures that offer color options, please include your color selection


4.  What happens after I pay?

Once your payment is received, our Elves will contact the donor to let him/her know that they should ship your winnings to you, based on the information that you've provided with your payment.


5.  When should I expect to receive my winnings?

Given that both our Elves and our generous donors are all volunteers, and have other obligations including their families and their work, please allow a week or two for delivery.


6.  What if I haven't received my winnings by then?

Send a PM, with all of the pertinent information, to Southcoastphil and I'll be happy to look into it for you.


7.  Is it ever acceptable for me to contact the donor directly via PM?

We are not PM police!  You are free to PM a donor at any time, especially to thank him/her for donating and/or sharing with the donor your appreciation for what you've just received.


Additionally, some auctions require coordination regarding dates and times for an event, which you will work out directly with the donor via PM.


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I won auctions 43 and 61. I do not have PP. I would like to pay for these tomorrow so I will receive them for Christmas. Can I use my debit card? 


Mike Lojzim 



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I won auction #74.  I do not have a PayPal account (just two weeks ago bumped into the same PP scam attempt I repulsed before.)  appy to mail a check to anyone anywhere.

Happy to make it out to anyone. 


Who and where? 

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i sent payment for the troll stuff but i got a e-mail the bank stopped it ? is this true paypal says i payed did you guys get it? was it stopped? paypal has my cc card as a back up .....i want to make sure you guys get the money.....ed

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12 hours ago, CaroleS said:

Working on the recap of such a great bunch of SOLers that truly made a big difference to so many. 

Auction 43

I paid for this and auction 61. I received 61. I am trying to find out where 43 is. I have tried tim and he directed me to southcoastphil. He has not responded. I am getting a little worried. Thanks 

Michael Lojzim 



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