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It’s amazing what one day is like compared to the next. 


Sheepshead were around but not very interested, caught a few. Nothing big. Did see some larger ones in groups cruising. 

Mangrove were basically the same, not overly interested, caught a few. The ones I did catch were just under limit size. 

couple small sized jacks, lost one good sized one, with a runoff. 

One undersized rat redfish 

one puppy drum. 

Pinfish are big, caught a couple of them. 


couldn't find the fish in the mangroves like last week. One or two here or there

i fished a couple open areas of current and that’s where the bite was, as much as it was at all. The areas were more of a funnel with an open large area after it the current feed to. 


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keep up the Reports! Sounds like the fish are moving around to stay away from the funky water. I think that water quality in Estero Bay Area needs to stabilize before the fishing gets more consistent.


nice to hear that your seeing some decent size sheepshead. I’d like to try for them with a fly fishing the mangroves and oyster bars. Need nice clear water to do that from a kayak. 


I have read that those pinfish make great bait if you just live line on a spare rod.


hows the grass flats looking in Estero bay? Any signs of crabs, shrimp, rays, etc.?


busy tying baby tarpon flies in anticipation of returning in January.


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Bill, I haven’t been around the flats as of yet. Winds have kept me inside.  Last I’ve heard is they are not good. The growth isn’t there and the grass in general is not expanding. Seems like less and less of it every year. 



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I was in Jacksonville for Thanksgiving and we fished some of the backwater of the St. Johns from Kayaks. Lots of healthy grass beds up there. It was pretty windy on Thursday and Friday. I was able to get some trout and a small red on the fly. Buddy was using his spinning rod and hooked what appeared to be a decent red but it pulled the hook. Saturday the wind died and again I caught some nice trout and landed a redfish of about 4lbs. It was my first fish caught on a crab pattern(merkins). I put it right on the edge of the grass, the red took it before I started to retrieve the fly and put up a great fight on a 6 weight. Awesome fish, I need to find them in the Vero area. I was home on Sunday but the beach was quiet, no bait found, no fish caught( big surf). 

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