2018 outback cracked today

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Just now, Dieseldog13 said:

Yikes! That is terrible. Glad you could reach the beach quickly.

Do you think using a cart was partly to blame? My son and I each have 2018 Outbacks. Ugh.

Not sure. 5244C657-87E0-486A-A520-9822EBFCD40C.jpeg.819e3c016fdd6718be028ab83550d35c.jpeg

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36 mins ago, dbjpb said:

Does Hobie warranty kayaks used commercially ? 

Oh, this is gonna get real good real soon.


Will the parties hit the mattresses ?


Or will mmiller personally deliver a replacement to Elias's coordinates in NC ? 


Will Elias include the vid of water sloshing inside of the hull into his utube ? Or only if he has to ?


Stay tuned to find out .


Included as free bonus: definition of non-recreational kayak use, with the following used liberally throughout:


"included, but not limited to"



"inherent density variations of rotomolding"




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Wonder if landing in the surf backwards has any influence on stress there.

As mentioned above, just bring it in to your dealer. 

Oooo yeah, your commercial. Good luck, maybe call YouTube, they might care.

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Pool noodles give you extra buoyancy for dirt cheap. A whole lot of it, if you spend $20 and carefully shove it everywhere sun dont ever shine.


A possible sit could be: catastrophic hull breach (not unlike our Nordic Allies' recent encounter with Aframax - 40m tear). Kayak would still comfortably float, for you to cling on to (weather allowing) and await arrival of cavalry.


It quickly goes south from there if water is < 50F, there are 3'+ waves and your marine radio battery is dead.

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Glad you're okay, Elias.

Regarding the comment on warranty for commercial used kayaks; it will be interesting hear to what Hobie has to say. Three Belles is the dealer, but they don't have the final say. The kayak is only a year old, regardless on the amount of use, it should be covered under warranty. You can see from Elias's videos that doesn't abuse his kayaks.

I'm sure Elias will keep us updated on this...

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I see many people launch their kayaks into the surfzone with their scupper carts inside the scupper holes upside down behind their seat. I  suspect a few failed surf landings with your wheels inserted could cause a  problem?  I think scupper carts in general are  a bad idea. Hobie does sell them so I am sure they know more then me. I really like their policy of making all warranty claims at the dealer where you purchased your kayak. No reason to have a local dealer take care of the claim. I am sure hobie know’s  best. I guess that is to discourage you from Internet shopping for a bargain? Oh that is right all hobie dealers sell for msrp? Wink wink? I tried to get a replacement seat clip from my local hobie dealer . I was told to come back in the spring. It was December in New Jersey. I called my dealer down in Maryland  where I purchased the revo and they mailed me the clip for free.  I guess you really do need to get your kayak serviced where you bought it?

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