Annual BC steelhead trip

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that looks/sounds like serious fun as apparent from the ear to ear grin. 

I like the lure choices also, especially the pink tail black worm on a jig head!!!

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5 hours ago, Rapidfflow0 said:

Before getting into the rods and reels and such, I should note that in the interest of full disclosure I work with Shimano, Gloomis and Simms.  


tranx 300’s with 20lb Max cuatro

twin power 3000/4000 with 10 power pro prototype line and 20lb max cuatro

Islander centerpin reel

3-Tand vixen fly reel with airflo rage head on it



spinnning rod was Loomis E6x 1084 steelhead rod.  This was a last minute addition to the trip.  Loomis was nice enough to drop ship a couple to the camp for me.  I was concerned about the low water and whether I would be able to fish spoons as much as I prefer to.  Turns out I was correct and the spinning rods and spinners put a bunch of extra fish on the bank especially in the big fast moving water of the main stem Skeena 


spoon rod/worm/jig under a float is Loomis str 1263C.  This is my favorite spoon rod for out there it allows me to throw the spoons a long way and the extra length helps with mending line and keeping line off the water.


float rods:

Loomis IMX 1363.  The extra 10 inches over the 1263 makes a big difference in keeping line off the water when running floats.  The more line you can keep off the water The more natural drift you can get with a float and bead combo.


Loomis prototype centerpin rod.  A new toy I’ve been working on with Loomis which was a lot of fun when the baitcaster wasn’t necessary for super long casts with the float.


spey rod:

loomis asquith 13’6” 7/8 spey rod.  I only fish the Spey rod on certain sections of the mainstem Skeena where shallow fast moving water makes it difficult to properly present  with conventional gear.  


Clothing is all simms 

bulkley jacket

g-4 waders 

Gloves are guide windbloc foldover mitten.  I really like these as I can quickly snap back the thumb and the mitten part and make them a pair of fingerless gloves in seconds.  Yet when rowing or when finger tips get cold I can convert them right back to full fleece lined mittens.  Plus they have a space to put a handwarmer in them for when it gets extremely cold.  The only thing I wish is the snap closures were a little better but if you take a second and make sure they are fully snapped they rarely open up.  

Hope this helps


I had to go to google search quite a few times . Not being familiar with your upper level tackle . As a Shimano owner of many reels it’s new challenge to research the above mentioned . I really like the Sims product wear as great quality and last a long time . 

FYI one of my favorite Salmon / Steelhead rod ( name not important) have taken a lot of Tarpon , Snook and many other saltwater species = a reel hoot !

thanks for the speedy reply . 

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