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Hello, I have a Battle 2 1000 for fresh water use. It's a bit stiff especially when cold. I'll bet it's stuffed with grease.. I plan to de grease and lightly oil.... am I on the right track to make this free spin a bit better? It's a new reel used once. It's back from Penn with a different issue fixed. I have a 2500 smooth as silk. Want this one the same.

Thanks for any help.


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I'd say if you plan on opening it up.

Take the pinion bearings out first.  Pop it in the fridge and see if they are sluggish.  

Also make sure there isn't excess grease inside the inner wall of the pinion because it could bog down the main shaft when cold.


If the bearings are sluggish.   

Clean them and and re lube and reinstall.  Lubing with oil should be perfectly fine in fw.  Obviously be careful with the rubber shields when removing.

put rotor back on (don't spin it without the rotor bolted in place)


And see if that frees it up.   A little too much grease in the bearing on the output side of the gear trane can really slow down the reel in the cold.

When at room temp it feels great.


If that isnt the cause.......grab a few beers and repeat on the other bearings and strip er down lol and lig


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10 hours ago, Lateral Line said:

Thanks! I'll do this. 

Should have had the reel with me for my 5 hour drive home. Could have done all my reels. Freaking snow.

You're welcome

It was amazing how ill prepared the state was for this storm.  People that left at 1-2 pm took 3 hours...those that left later....fogetaboutit...

Between lack of salt trucks to lack of plows....CRAZY

Took a friend of mine till 10 pm to get home and he said he left from newark nj to go homen ( in my town bridgwater)  at 230 which is nuts.

The amount of vehicles that ran out of gas was nuts

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I had my bad weather "traveling Pizza" ,case of water, cigars, full tank of gas, etc............ Not my first rodeo on that road in bad weather. I'd gain weight by the time i'm rescued.

5 hours..... good thing i'm not shy. 


The reel is much better. I like it.

Thanks for your help.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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Traveling Pizza...............gotta get me one of them :)





Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

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