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Why not keep Fishing Reports on one thread, Red Tide Reports on another, Red Tide Suggested Solutions (including taxing, politics, politicians, business restrictions, etc.) on another, and so on.


Keeps the discussions clean and focused.



And, while I consider myself a moderate  ........  the more you tax something the less you get of it (basic law of economics).

That is why population is declining or growth slowing in high tax states (NJ, CT, etc.).


I would support a surcharge on fertilizer though I am generally anti-tax and fled the Peoples Republic of NJ for just that reason.


And, stop subsidizing Big Sugar with price floors, import restrictions, quotas, and environmental law exceptions.


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I would think people planning to fish in Florida want to know where the red tide and algae blooms might affect their fishing.

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I believe we already have some of those rules in place when it comes to politics/taxes... if it nothing to do about fishing or fishing related then just report it and its gone...

and as far as the red tide/bloom/fish kills and anything else "Fishing related"  IMO it should be right out in the open for all to see, not many people bother clicking on the stickies

Don't get me wrong it good to come up with new idea.... but the guys who run this forum IMO are doing a great job.... i say leave it the way it need to change something thats been working pretty good for years now....

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