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Two Watches. both Orients. All prices include shipping, no Paypal please. Love these pieces, just looking to get something new. For those that don't know Orient, they are a company under the same umbrella as Seiko and makes all of their movements in house. Very high quality at a very reasonable price for in house, automatic watches. Let me know if you would like any other pictures of specific areas.


1. Orient Mako II - $130

I am the original owner of this watch. It has run excellent for me some minor case and bezel wear, and actually has an upgraded sapphire crystal (a $40 part). The blue dial on this is one of the best blue dials I have seen on any watch, let alone a sub $500 watch. Comes with the leather strap, stainless bracelet as well as the Nato straps, I have the box for this as well. Hacking and handwinding movement, with the day date function .


2. Orient Bambino - $110

I bought this watch a few months ago from a SOLer, and have worn it maybe 3 times since. Honestly, it looked like it had never been worn when I received it. Not even a smudge on the crystal. I have the packaging for this watch, and it only has the strap seen in the picture. This is the black dial version with the sword hands. Same deal as the Mako II above, in house movement, but the Bambino dress watch only has the date function.







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Ill try and get some as best I can and post them up. The bezel wear is pretty well shown in the picture. It's an aluminum bezel so the edges with lighter spots are what I'm talking about. I'll take pictures of the case sides for you.

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14 hours ago, Ryan C said:

Pics of the Mako are pretty dark.  Do you have any pictures of the wear you mentioned?  Pretty interested.

Wear is pretty hard to get in the pictures just because of the high polish on the case but I did my best to point it out.





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