Help Me Buy & Outfit a Fat Tire Bike for the Beach

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On 12/5/2018 at 9:40 AM, tomkaz said:

Ok, parts are coming in and I should be able to pickup the bike at WMT on Friday. I will start a dedicated project thread when it arrives. 


Quick question for those who use crates. I want to be able to remove the milk crate when not needed so I don’t want to permanently bolt it to the rear rack. Zip ties or nuts/bolts/Loctite would be the obvious but "permanent" solutions. Undoing either would not be quick nor easy reinstall. 


Conversely, bungee cords might be easy but don’t seem stable enough with two or three 8-12’ rods applying lateral torque to crate as I pedal. 


So, have you come up with a creative, removable, crate-mounting system? I am thinking bolts, lock washers, wing nuts and some aluminum bars for lateral stability. Bolting through the flat platform in the middle of the rack is not an option given that center bar underneath. I am thinking of going to either side and using wide fender washers. 





You could probably rig up a clamping mechanism using hub or seat post quick release levers.

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On 12/6/2018 at 10:03 AM, beerdoh said:

You could probably rig up a clamping mechanism using hub or seat post quick release levers.

That was a good one but I could not see how to make it work and still have the connectors be a low profile. 


So I came up with a solution but not sure I can work on it this weekend with Christmas decorating and all that. 


I have several spare sheets of kydex and I am going to trim one and ziptie it to the bottom of the crate. It will be a rigid base and I will drill holes through that aligning with holes on the piece of flat metal on the rack. 1/4" machine screws, fender washers, lock washers and wing nuts should provide relatively easy removal. That said, I just might zip tie the crate to the rack in the beginning to check center of gravity, etc before I make a half dozen holes in the rack surface. 


I also solved the rod tube mounting which was a bit complicated by my desire to be able to swivel them from a vertical position to something more diagonal. There is one spot I go to with overhanging trees along the walkway and being able to reduce overall height would be desirable. 


I will show photos in the project thread when I get around to it. 

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