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Last week I bought a 2018 outback and while I was putting it away for the winter, unused, I noticed it has some small areas with tiny holes on the surface of the plastic where the plastic wasn’t completely filled in and flush/smooth. 


Is this a common issue for anyone else?. Is it worthy of bringing to the attention of hobie or the place I bought it? I Also have a 2016 outback that didn’t have this problem.




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I have one that is the same as yours in all respects ... that area is under the seat? I'll check, but am 99% I'd have noticed that ... hell yes, get hold of Hobie and furthermore I'd be a tad wary of whichever dealer you bought it from going forward ... let's see how they handle this situation, keep us posted plse.


Just taken the pic, can see the orange-skin effect but mine must've cooled quicker than yours.




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