Riptide in Harkers Island NC 2018 (REPORT)

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I had a nice relatively uneventful trip from Cape Cod to Atlantic Beach, NC trailering the Riptide Bay Boat.


I'll be running trips down here for albies for the month of November.  


The first few days have been giving us terrible weather.   Many guides are not even getting out.   With my hardy crew we managed to get out and find shelter and some solid action for a couple half days.    


Hogy epoxy jigs match the big silver sides the albies have been eating.  


More updates as the month progresses.  











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Nice down there use to be couple guys from ma that moved down there and started up a charter business. Been a while since I've been down there wish i remembered there names good people.

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Today was the best day so far for Riptide Charters 2018 North carolina adventure.    

The weather this morning looked unfishable.  Heavy wind and rain had us sitting around thinking of a Plan B.   

Finally mid morning we decided to hunt sea trout up in the marshes out of the wind.   A quick tackle shopping trip got us the needed rigs and soon we were picking small trout up at a decent pace.  

As the tide began to slack mid day so did the winds somewhat.   The big change was the direction.   It clocked due North and that would let us run the beaches.   

With the Riptide Bay boat being amazingly versatile, we went from fishing a foot of water to running a rough inlet and racing 20 miles down a windswept beach.    

When we got to yesterday's numbers we began to see fish.    Then the volume went to 11 and it was full on slashing, bait spraying chaos.    

The Hogy Lures Epoxy jig in silver and silver side had the 10+ pound albies going crazy.   

After a couple dozen fish Capt Josh Farkes broke out the fly rod.   It only took a few setups to get him tight and one more setup to get him a second fish on the fly.  

The run home was FAST and FLAT as I dragged a toe in the sand along the beach keeping us out of the building wind.   

Just an awesome day and exactly what we were hoping to find here.










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This morning was one for the books!!!    We braved 47° weather and 25kt winds in the little Riptide Bay Boat.  It was worth all the green water and spray we we drenched with.   

While most of the boats opted for the shelter of the beach, we went a little deeper.  Our suffering was rewarded with dozens of MASSIVE feeds in every direction that never seemed to stop.  

Hogy Lures Epoxy jigs and flies were never lucky enough to get back to the boat uneaten.   

Singles, Doubles and Triples were the rule as we hooted and hollered while the fish raged.

This is why we come here and the guys did a great job in some very difficult weather and sea conditions.





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2 hours ago, BrianBM said:

Very nice .... do you ever run into blackfin tuna on these November outings?

One year Hatteras had them in 200' in the dead of winter. This was 10 years ago. I don't know if it's a regular thing.

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Crew #3 was looking at a terrible forecast, but when we woke up to check, the weather was excellent.   Light NE winds had them chewing hard again.   

Not the savage never ending feeds of yesterday, but tons and tons of smaller feeds.    Every one we got on gave up 1 fish and disappeared.   

We covered a good bit of ground and never saw another boat all morning.   As the day progressed storms on radar forced us closer to home.    

On a whim I rolled up to a popular spot out of the wind.   I bumped into a Nantucket boat who was getting tight despite several inconsiderate wannabes.

We got a few more fish around the crowd ourselves and then flew home to the ramp.   

Final tally around 4 dozen fish for the morning.   We found a wide mix of sizes.    We knew we had the better size fish when they started spraying and puking Ballyhoo !!!!!

Let's hope the weather man is wrong again tomorrow.







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