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Hurricane Maria


we were told that all those Puerto Ricans were gonna go to Florida and turn that state blue.


especially after "republicans" didn't do anything to help the island after the hurricane.


what happened?



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I thought we were supposed to be Floridah, but it looks like we did ok.


Democrat Senator Nelson lost his bid for a third term. That was especially nice given his track record of voting lock step with his party. Gone. We are sending our former governor Rick Scott. He is fiscally sound and has helped us create a surplus, and set us on a path to reduce taxes further. I think he will do fine as a senator.


We fended off an attempt to put a socialist, Gillium, into our Governor’s Mansion. That was nicely done. We will not be going broke anytime soon. That was a huge disappointment to commies everywhere. So many of the media types wanted him in so he could destroy our economy, and lecture us about how we are too white and need to feel guilty about something we didn’t do.


My district re-elected Ted Yoho to return to the House Of Representatives. He is an unapologetic Trump supporter and partially responsible for the policies that have launched the greatest economy of my lifetime. He will be resisting the commies at every turn, and reliably so. He is pretty straight up.


With as many retiring members of the House as the Republicans had, I feel that things didn’t go too badly. The Democrats had a huge mathematical advantage, and spent a billion dollars, and earned their majority, but not by much. They probably should have gotten more, especially if Trumps policies have been all wrong for the folks.


There wasn’t a massive rejection of Trump, as so many of those that hate America had hoped. They gained a little here and lost a little there. So now the Democrats that won in red districts have to govern. I suspect they will just go full on ugly, which is good. Trump is up for it. He will stand up to them. Then they can explain themselves come 2020 .


Has anyone checked Ruthie’s pulse lately ?




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