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Now that the election is over, we can count the money spent.

This was a record setting election, mid terms wise, when it comes to spending money.

Democrats led the way, by out spending the Republicans by $300 mil.

Who says they want to get the money out of politics?

$2.5 billion spent by the Democrats says differently.

Politics is big business, and if you want results, you gotta raise money, and spend it.

How would you go about getting these politicians to spend less money to get elected?


2018 Midterms

OpenSecrets: Democrats Spend $2.5 BILLION Trying to Buy Blue Wave


19 hours ago


Nov 6, 2018


Peter D'Abrosca



The Democrats have dropped a record-breaking amount of cash on the midterm elections, according to an OpenSecrets report.

“While Republican candidates are raising funds at record levels, the huge uptick in spending is driven primarily by unprecedented Democratic fundraising,” the report said. “Democratic candidates are projected to spend more than $2.5 billion this cycle, while Republicans are expected to spend approximately $2.2 billion.”

In total, the Center for Responsive Politics predicts that more than $5.2 billion will be spent this election cycle. That will make 2018 the most expensive midterm in history – by a huge margin.

The previous record for midterm spending, adjusted for inflation, was $4.2 billion.

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“The overall estimated cost of the 2018 election would represent a 35 percent increase over the 2014 cycle in nominal dollars, the largest increase in at least two decades,” the report said.

It appears that Trump Derangement Syndrome comes at a huge cost – and not one that can be covered by government-mandated health insurance.

“Democratic House hopefuls have raised more than $951 million, crushing their Republican opponents’ $637 million haul,” the report said. “Things are closer in the Senate — $513 million to $361 million — but Democrats are still ahead.”

Worse yet for those who have opened the wallets for Democratic hopefuls, in 27 Congressional races listed as “likely” to be won by Republicans, both parties have raised nearly the same amount of money.

Interestingly, Democrats are hauling in far more cash from out of state than Republicans.

“In terms of itemized individual contributions, Senate Democrats received 60 percent of their funds — nearly $220 million — from out-of-state donors. Democrats in the House got 45 percent of their funds from out-of-state,” according to the report.

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