Braid thickness 20 vs 40 lb — does it matter?

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Super slick #30 is a great balance of strength and diameter for me, it’s strong enough to not pop if you have to lock up on a fish but has the diameter of I think 10 lb mono.

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2 hours ago, Big Will said:

Isn't it true that with the PE lines that the more expensive lines have a smaller diameter and higher breaking strength? I know the higher end lines are very expensive 

That used to be my assumption until I test some really expensive hard to obtain Japanese PE line like YGK Oddport and Shimano EX 8. I think both lines are 20-30 cents a yard vs your 10-12 cents a yard USA made line. Their strength to diameter is no better than some much cheaper USA made line like Fireline and Spiderwire. All these lines are made from either Spectra or Dyneema and there are different grades of those materials but they do have an upper limit in S/W ratio.


I keep hoping the line manufacturing would find a way to wound, fused them in such a way so that it would be as thin as possible while retaining it's strength but they've seemed to reach an upper limit also. The side effects/benefits of fusing, winding, coating them in different way is that they behave differently on the rod and reel and we get to choose the line characteristics that best suits our fishing situations.

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