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I Have here my old paintball gear. I haven't played in about 5 years and I don't think I'll be playing again. Especially not with a bad back and all. I'll try my best at listing everything I have but I know I can't remember it all. Markers have many upgrades, so here goes...


Smart Parts Shocker Nxt...

virtue board (I think)

cp reg

Upgraded bolt (don't remember which one)

Upgraded solenoid (don't remember again)

Freak barrel kit with carbon fiber barrel which takes freak insets. I can't remember the model of the barrel but it's quiet and shoots lazers.

halo hopper with v35 board



Custom Autococker... I honestly don't even remember if it works though. I do recall have issues with the lp reg, don't recall if I ever fixed it though. All sorts of upgrades on it, too many to remember.

pipe barrel kit. Loud but shoots lazers.

4500 and 3000 psi tanks. Need to be Hydro tested.



V force mask. Good shape.



Nxe 3+4 harness. Good shape.



Dye pants size medium. Worn well but still in good shape.



All fits nicely in this redz duffel bag. The bag is a little beat up with a couple rips, but still very much functional.


I also have a bunch of extra parts and whatnot. Eyes and a solenoid for the shocker, a hand held chrono, I don't even remember what else.


All together this is well over $1500 worth of gear if it were new. Everything is well used but all in all in great shape. Asking $700 for the lot. I'd like to sell everything as a lot, but I can split if I have to. Prefer local pickup /meet up. Monmouth county up to jersey city area and in between. Any questions please ask. I can take more detailed pictures if needed. Thanks for looking.

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8 hours ago, fgfg89 said:

How much for the the following each


Freak barrel set (autococker thread?)







Sorry for the delayed response, long day at work...

the freak barrel kit is for the shocker, its not autococker thread. 50 for that anyway

And I'll go 25 for each, the harness, hopper, pants, bag, 70/4500 tank.


The 70/4500 was last tested 9/13, so it just expired. But they supposedly only have a 15 year lifespan, so it only has 5 years left. The 68/3000 is an older tank and I actually think is past its lifespan, so disregard that one, I'm gonna just toss it.

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