OPRAH's Powerful Lies

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Anyone see Ophra's stump speech for Abrams.

She is a very fine speaker like Obama was. She lies equally well.

Great story about the guy (she over did the Boy!) who walked 18 miles in one day and never got to vote. Talked about her grandma who didn't get to vote and all of her sistahs & sisters who didn't have the right to vote. Spoke of oppression and how special it was & is to be able to vote.


No mention of the hypocrisy & deception that she is pushing for you to go and VOTE for the party that: played the racist trick on that man who walked 18 miles, fought to stop the black vote 90 years, made it so that her grandma couldn't vote. Fought to keep her sistahs & sisters from ever having a chance to vote, treated her ancestors like possessions/ animals and lied and did nothing for her people up to this very moment. 


A very misguided tool of the progs to push votes for a FAR LEFT candidate that actually says illegals should vote.

Is the kool aid, indoctrination, and propaganda really that powerful? Or is Oprah that evil? Maybe a little of both.


Reminds me of the civil rights icon John Lewis- fought on the march to Selma against the Democrats- then makes a career out of serving them.

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What is your basis for your accusation of "lies"?   I have not seen her comments debunked anywhere.


The remainder of your tirade is opinion and you are entitled.   Well, except "...fought on the march to Selma against the Democrats..."   Those series of protests (marches) were " demonstrate the desire of African-American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote, in defiance of segregationist repression, and were part of a broader voting rights movement underway in Selma and throughout the American South..."  I can see the spin that since there were people like Wallace, the Democratic party was to blame, but in actuality, it was not the "party" but more so some within the party.    Just like today and always: don't conflate individuals actions with Party Platform.   It is dishonest.


The purpose of the Selma march was not "against the democrats".  

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5 mins ago, Little said:


Democratic PARTY platform, 1964  (one year before the Selma marches)          An excerpt


"....Democracy of Opportunity

The variety of our people is the source of our strength and ought not to be a cause of disunity or discord. The rights of all our citizens must be protected and all the laws of our land obeyed if America is to he safe for democracy.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 deserves and requires full observance by every American and fair, effective enforcement if there is any default.

Resting upon a national consensus expressed by the overwhelming support of both parties, this new law impairs the rights of no American; it affirms the rights of all Americans. Its purpose is not to divide, but to end division; not to curtail the opportunities of any, but to increase opportunities for all; not to punish, but to promote further our commitment to freedom, the pursuit of justice, and a deeper respect for human dignity.

We reaffirm our belief that lawless disregard for the rights of others is wrong—whether used to deny equal rights or to obtain equal rights.

We cannot and will not tolerate lawlessness. We can and will seek to eliminate its economic and social causes.

True democracy of opportunity will not be served by establishing quotas based on the same false distinctions we seek to erase, nor can the effects of prejudice be neutralized by the expedient of preferential practices.

The immigration laws must be revised to permit families to be reunited, to welcome the persecuted and oppressed, and to eliminate the discriminatory provisions which base admission upon national origins.

We will support legislation to carry forward the progress already made toward full equality of opportunity for women as well as men.

We will strive to eliminate discrimination against older Americans, especially in their employment.

Ending discrimination based on race, age, sex, or national origin demands not only equal opportunity but the opportunity to be equal. We are concerned not only with people's right to be free, but also with their ability to use their freedom. We will:

Carry the War on Poverty forward as a total war against the causes of human want.

Move forward with programs to restore those areas, such as Appalachia, which the Nation's progress has by-passed.

Help the physically handicapped and mentally disadvantaged develop to the full limit of their capabilities.

Enhance the security of older Americans by encouraging private retirement and welfare programs, offering opportunities like those provided for the young under the Economic Opportunities Act of 1964, and expanding decent housing which older citizens can afford.

Assist our Indian people to improve their standard of living and attain self-sufficiency, the privileges of equal citizenship, and full participation in American life.

The Social Security program, initiated and developed under the National leadership of the Democratic Party and in the face of ceaseless partisan opposition, contributes greatly to the strength of the Nation. We must insure that those who have contributed to the system shall share in the steady increase in our standard of living by adjusting benefit levels.

We hold firmly to the conviction, long embraced by Democratic Administrations, that the advancing years of life should bring not fear and loneliness, but security, meaning, and satisfaction.

We will encourage further support for the arts, giving people a better chance to use increased leisure and recognizing that the achievements of art are an index of the greatness of a civilization.

We will encourage the advance of science and technology—for its material rewards, and for its contribution to an understanding of the universe and ourselves...."


If Wallace was not on board with the "Party", then he and others like him were outliers Just as Thurmond, Byrd, Lott, and others were).   He and his kind were left behind as they clung to their discrimination and racist attitudes.


I for one do not conflate a few individuals with the party policy.    Those who do, should apply the same to the fringes of past and current political parties and therefore denounce ALL of them for the attitudes or behaviors of a minority.


This is not an endorsement of either party, but instead a statement about party politics, even if they are empty rhetoric. 





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Little.  Why leave out a picture of Strom Thurmond, when he was a republican and conducted the longest filibuster in history to oppose the Civil Rights Amendment?  Again I don't view him as the party, instead he was a problem of the party.    And the GOP as well as the Democrats have moved on, for the most part, regardless of these ancient comparisons to the past. 

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Funny.  I went through a whole bunch of pictures from the civil rights marches and didn't see any protester signs against the democrats?




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Democrats lose the right to be objective about their racist roots when they constantly claim every Republican that disagrees with them is racist.  They are like ex cons that find God and start telling everyone how to live.  Shut up

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