Our immigration laws don't help the world's poor

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Here is a pretty good video on why we should be reforming our immigration to take the people we need.  Not for perceived humanitarian reasons.


It uses gumballs for effect, so the comic book libs should even be able to sit through it.   It's worth the watch. The host went to the University of Missouri before you libs drove all the smart people away from there.


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Interesting video and definitely gets the point across.  The sad part is, a lot of the suffering in those countries could be, if only a little bit, be eased if it wasn't for the rampant corruption throughout their governments. The United States managed to become so great because we became industrialized just as most of the westernized world but only at a great cost to our environments.  There's only two things needed to relieve these countries of their pain.  Honest government, not that I claim the U.S. government is so honest in itself and industrialization.  However, after nearly destroying their own environments, industrialization is the last thing the west claims it wants these countries to do.  So what does the west do, we pass all sorts of laws, under the guise of protecting them from destroying their own environments, making importing all kinds of natural resources and goods from these countries illegal this squashing their ability to improve themselves.  Do the westernized countries really care about their environments or are we really trying to keep the rest of the world in its place.  I don't know myself, I'm torn between my love for the environment and relieving them of their suffering.  Yet everyday I keep asking myself "Why do we import so many goods from 3rd world countries that we have made illegal to produce in our own countries because of environmental concerns?"  While it might sound like we care more about our own environment than the environments others, do we really, or is it just the westernized countries way of keeping the rest of the world down?

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