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Transfer from Arizona to Florida

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Jay in the Bay

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I have two pistols located in Arizona that belonged to my father, that are currently in the custody of a family friend. 

I need to get them sent from AZ to FL. I am in NJ so I’m not familiar with the process in Florida. 

These are already in the family, so there is no “sale” or transfer involved, to my understanding.


What is the process for Florida to have these sent there from out of state? 

Can they be shipped directly to a residence? 

Do they have to be shipped from an AZ to a FL FFL? 

Any special permits or paperwork needed for the transfer?

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I believe they will need to take it to a local gun shop in their area and have it ship to a gun shop close to where you will be living in Fla .... its just like buying a firearm online from a another state it goes from that shop to your local shop... I have done it before and its a small fee..  i know you will have people telling you to just ship it nobody will know... but trust me when i say it isnt worth it...

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