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Night Striper Inlet Fly Pattern

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3 hours ago, HillTop said:



Not sure I'd ever tie up and fish one of these but I certainly give you a lot of credit for trying something new and innovative as my gears are always turning about how to do things differently and hopefully better.


Question, for your large flies rather than tie each with a custom tail have you ever tried using the Brine Fly Pulse Disc ?   I bought a kit but honestly never took the time to do much experimenting with them.    I did find a way to make my own Discs that fished just as effectively (fly action) as the one's you buy so for cheap money I could make all I wanted but for some reason I just never followed through.    


These are some of the posts I saved about the Pulse Disc.   In one even Bob Pop rates them highly.    Thinking this might be a solution so you don't have to tie individual flies to get action but just apply a Disc in front of any of your large flies to impart additional action and push additional water ahead of the fly.







Dan,   Also when it comes to those tails, if he still frequents here you should PM  CaptKenRoy as he seems big into this type of fly.     He may be able to offer some insight as to what has worked for him.    I know he was looking for cutting stencils and I mentioned when he found the holy grail design I'd cut one in stainless for him to use as a master.



i read all of those they were great I just ordered some pulse discs to try this year.


I realized I need to clarify the tails are not permanent you change them with a snap.  There is a lite wire twist lock that is added to tails and one on the end of the fly's rattling tail assembly.  This is not an original idea the european pike anglers have been using these tails and snaps for several years.  it takes just a few seconds to change between tails.




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