Your best 5 surf lures to fish with!

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Relatively new to saltwater fishing consistently. Been fishing saltwater here and there for years mostly chunk fishing but the last 4 weeks going every night after work if not every other night between 60 hr work job week and family life and a business. So just locally fishing in Pawtucket close to house 10 min ride. But for recent catches here are my top 5 which will likely change. I throw other plugs but my go 2s out the gate and before last casts. But Epoxy Bone and Talking Popper Pogy Color been go to me as well. 

1. Sp Minnow Sand Eel S

2. Bomber Pink 

3. Yozuri Blk /Silver Hydro Minnow 

4. Bomber Wonder Bread/Mother of Pearl

5. Mag Darter Bronze or Bone 




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12 hours ago, FishinDVM said:

The 5 best? There is only one for me... Teasers. Lots of times I fish double teasers hi-lo tipped with pork rind... it casts a mile, even if 10ft seas with wind... and... I have yet to be standing on a sandy beach with other people present and been outfished while using it. Finding fish, going at the right time, etc... THAT PART msy not come together. But if im on a beach catching fish and other people are present, cant say I have ever seen the teasers get outperformed.

Sounds like you do well with the teasers. I just use one but Cool!


How do you get em to cast so far?


And you put like an uncle Josh right on there?

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I save them for the worst days... like the worst of the worst... when people are driving up or walking up, and immediately turn around. You know the days I speak of, 10ft, 12ft seas... whatever. It creates a situation where the waves and wind are so bad, that after the waves breaks on the surf line, you still have like 50 ft of knee-high sweep that makes it dangerous to stand in waders. On these days, I watch people who dont even get out of the truck and leave, or take 1 or 2 casts and leave. Usually, its because with their jigs, A27, whatevers... I dont care if they are 6oz's... they arent even getting them past the beach lip. 


The double teasers are basically a supersized fluke rig. I take a 10 or 12oz bank sinker on a snap swivel, 18" up a dropper loop to teaser, 18" dropper loop to second teaser, 18" swivel to braid. I use heavy duty teasers, and a strip of pork on each. Usually doing a braided conventional. It flies, and more importantly these are the best days. Just dragging bottom.

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On ‎11‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 3:51 PM, VanStaalSteve said:

Daytime - bucktail/pork rind , a Cocahoe minnow on jig head and Rebel jumping minnow in bone or blue/silver

night time- Black Sluggo , loaded Red fin, SS darter, BM darter, Yozuri mag darter, ss needlefish and a black red gill teaser


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