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Assembled in China

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This tiny piece , this micro shim, put in the wrong place in the factory, made me search for the cause of rumble and ticking in the reel nr. 3 ( as I marked it ) for weeks. And as I did it with problematic one I also did something with other two, as a colaeral damage, because they were fine.

About 20 times I have assembled and reassembled these three othervise magnificent products, Okuma Surf 8K .

Here is the picture storie to explain;



This is the bushing on which the shim goes


micro shim to be precise


This is the spot where that shim is needed and is shown on the scheme


However, on this particular reel ( nr.3 ) it was on this tiny shafts bushing, and not on the worm shaft.


I have noticed that it lacks a shim on the worm shaft and has a shim on the driven gear shaft, but assumed that it is so because it needed that sort of correction, and continued searching for the cause in changing all imaginable places and positions possible.

I have even tried to put that shim where it is on the scheme and where it was on the other two reels, but in the proces I have also turned idle gear wrong side in, which will be explained later on.

It was done in such way with idle gear because I was searching for the cause..

and as it goes misscounted the steps and count of abreviations so the proper resolution was all but impossible.


This is that idle gear in the proper side in position ( the right side turned inwards has 3 dimples in it and ..a perfect round place for the bushing, which it doesn`t need, ( it needs tip of the worm shaft to go first and bushing to "wait" for it on the other side ) but it looks perfect for the clueless fixer upper to conclude the wrong thing and turn it the other way round, which I did, at one point with all 3 of them ),




This is the wrong side to be turned inwards, it has 4 dimples and slightly wider groove thru the midle section





Avast, with some help from the forces of the universe and continuous repeating of the same thing, for which it is said that defines something, but not smart;  "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

I have found the solution at the day 13-th of october, in the year 2018-th

Thx, and watch out, it`s not only "made in china" that we have to be careful abut..





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10 mins ago, Mircopolo said:

Good job, Handy Andy!

if only I wrote worm shaft instead of pinnion, which I corrected now..


and yes, magnificent job, in the end.




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