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I got some new shade packs after the NERBs gathering the past 2 weeks. I couldn’t figure out what colors to even begin with. I went from like 5 colors to 25 colors over 14 days. I tried using a color wheel. Started reading about contrasting  colors, complementary colors, and analogous colors. I knew from the 3rd, 4th and 5th pass that I was gonna cut this wrap off bc the colors just didn’t catch my eye. They blended in instead of standing out. My curiosity got me to keep going and “just make another pass”, thinking maybe I’ll like this after the pattern starts to show itself. The pattern is a spaced star with a flare and I added a extra box out. I was going for a look that I didn’t even know what it looked like. I mean I did my taper offset spacing and only put 5 center marks. From that point I put threads down and checked one or two times to see if they were close to where I needed them to be for a 8 pass star pattern. I’m actually proud of the wrap that I kept it reasonably straight and the spacing was actually pretty good I think.(I won’t do it again tho! I’ll put my marks on the blank this time.) so I’m almost finished the wrap and I’m gonna cut it off and my question is, When do you cut your wrap off? Do you not think twice and start over? Try and hope you’ll like it in the end so you keep chugging along? Me, I’ll never second guess myself again when it comes to starting a wrap over. Let me know what you would




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