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steingm posted a great video in the Fly Fishing forum illustrating how to insert hair wings inside a body braid. A narrow bodkin needle can also be used to build the wings on and it has added benefit of a long handle to pull the needle out. ABA34C99-82D5-4200-8222-C89DA303AC0F.jpeg.3356b5622aea5ca274b9a55c920d64a9.jpegIn the next series of photos I demonstrate the results of decreasing the diameter of cheap dollar store decorative braid by carefully stretching it and setting the diameter you want by gentle heating on low with a heat gun. A hair dryer can also be used on high but it is not as fast. 84FB5A26-90CE-4143-ACBD-E29E3CCB4B29.jpeg.58636b14fa058bd9052002757be2ff9a.jpegEB4C7EAB-C237-4225-BCE5-B52E32AEF01A.jpeg.150fcc6722bb072e74139a687644f779.jpegC50DF917-801C-4867-B478-AD579E82724D.jpeg.104192d3725a12c7844aa3793f604747.jpeg98511FE8-259A-4856-89CB-E7BFA9FE07D3.jpeg.13d91442adca4322ce2a0519b4af8e9f.jpegSome flies tied on decreased diameter braid with wings inserted with a needle. My tails are sparse but this technique can be used to tie elaborate version with saddle hackles and flash and synthetics.13051390-541C-4474-9603-D67F897A41EF.jpeg.f0bfd401098d806087214ad143d3e90b.jpeg Admittedly the braid is not as tight as those specifically sold for fly tying but it works and the price is right. Lots of bling.image.jpg.222590d4e209a28a551a3ee1c72d36b1.jpg

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Nice work. I got some tubing at a craft store and made some the floating san eels. I think I'll make a trip down ot the halloween store and see if they have anything useful. 

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