Fish Report 10-09-18

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The day today started around 2:30 am when I woke up, I tried to go back to sleep , what I'm not sure is if I actually did, I'm relatively sure I was awake until I finally just got up at 4:30



Today was the day that I looked at a few weeks ago that seemed to have the tide and weather that looked to be my best bet that would let me get on the water for what would mostly likely be my first time in over 100 days as well as the last time I would fish this year. My upcoming radiation treatment schedule virtually  would confirm that.


As today got closer I sent a text to my good friend Mike who I had sent a text about going for a possible ride for he day and also I pitched the idea of fishing. His concern was if I was strong enough and I said I felt I was and explained why I wanted to go.


We settled on a pick up time and location and today he was at my house at 10 am and for an eta around 11am. 


Before I get into the days events, I want to say "Thanks" to my friend MIke for the pick up today and being a great guide all day.


I also let a couple other friends Stan and Richie C know the time and location.


WE started at a spot that was a very short walk to the water and I believe we were all in the water just about high slack to fish the drop. Things were very quiet but for me I did not care, I just wanted to be out and throw some casts. It felt really good and I was pleased that the surgery I underwent did not hinder my stroke and I actual did not feel very rusty at all.


The wind was at our back and the cloud cover that escorted us all the way on the ride down was now yielding to blue, the water looked very clean and flat with no wave action. I believe Mike was the first to see some breaking fish, they were well out of range and we knew they were not bass, It was either Bomito or Albies based on how they wold fly through the air.


Ritchie decided to walk out to the end of a nearby jetty and soon was excited because he got a really good tug but cam up empty. 




I don't think it was very long after the fitsy hit that he finally connected, it wasn't big but he was all excited because it turned out to be a small Bonito, I was not in a position to ge a picture but he was pumped because he could now check Bonito off hos Bucket List. That is something I'm still waiting to do. About 15 minutes later Mike hooked up and he too had a Bonito. From there things to go quiet and we soon decided to to move to another location.


In 15 minutes we were walking to the water and the first half hour nothing much happened, I walked down the beach a bit looking for some darker water and soon I had the other three following me, we spread out and started working and Richie was the first to get a bump and he missed toe before he finally stayed connected and I walked over to get a picture casting as I moved and finally the thing I had missed most happened, a good solid hit. I did not get Richies picture since I was preoccupied and I finally had my Stiper, It was not big but today was not a day that size did matter, not for me anyway.




I started the day with a Yellow & White Clouser, at the second location I switched up to my Brown, Pink and White Clouser. This fly has been very good to me the last few years. This was tied on a size 2




We continued to work, I did not get another hit, Rich did but no hookups. Stan was next up and his fish he said hit hard and based on the fight his looked to be a bit bigger.




The fish gave a good account if itself and Staan was finally able to lip his fish, it was the beast of the day.




After stan landed his fish, I knew I was stating to run out of steam and I decided to pack it in. we were all very happy with the day, while it wasn't light out fishing it was a great day with great friends, great water and weather. It could not have been a better day for me, the ride home gave me time to think about the day and I smiled.

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BD I always look forward to your reports and I got to tell you this one is very special. It totally made my day reading the events of the morning today.  It's like we were all are there sharing this outing with you, Mike, Stan and Ritchie.......Well done Dick:).


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BFD, congrats on a great outting. Always impressed by your passion for what we do and making the opportunity to go out and do it. Good luck on your upcoming chemo, i’m Rooting for a speedy recovery and more great BFD reports! 

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