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17 hours ago, Capt. Lou said:

U can purchase needles to complete these loops from Toro Tamer line company , they can do down to 30 HC braid !

I have a 90$ set of rigging needles for wind ons. I can't really think of a way that they'd help making a loop. Being absolutely serious, it would make me feel better about owning them if I could use them for this. I think I've done 5 or 6 wind ons in the last 10 years.


Sms- well that's different. 

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The small hollow needles fit light test monos , simply run mono or running line inning line inside hollow needle , then insert in HC braid , run it up braid about 4 to 6" then pop thru  then cut close tuck back in and nail knot butt end of mono or running  coat with knot sense done !

if u made wind ones exactly same procedure ! Can do with Dacron but 16 end HC best 

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On 10/12/2018 at 3:11 AM, Local66 said:

  The splicing tool is pretty neat, but it's ridiculously tiny, and easy to break/lose. Not to mention you can buy 4 packs of #2 wire for the same price as the tool. 

    Also, there's a couple varieties of dacron that have a loose weave that's incredibly difficult to splice. The stuff that comes on redington's entry level outfits is a nightmare. SA also makes a dacron backing that isn't fun to splice (but you can do it). 

I use the B string from a guitar. You can stop by music shop and buy single strings for a buck. Only need one to make a few of these needles in braid. 

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Keep things simple.

A well tied knot will not fail you.Cinch it down properly . No glue.


Always test your knots. ALWAYS.


You will never apply enough pressure on your line to slip a properly tied Albright.


Let's not forget that we are talking about flyfishing applications....10 to 15 lbs drag max pressure...Try 5 lbs of drag on your striper equipment...:rav:


Just my opinion





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