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16 hours ago, Lawton said:

Night Fishing Tips


1. Scout your spot during daylight hours

2. Red head lamp and always turn you head away from the beach when using it.

3. When pulling up in you truck, always turn off your headlights so as to not ruin the night fishing experience for others on the beach.  

4. Retrieve as slow as you possibly can and then cut that speed by 50%

5. The darker the sky the better.

6. Maintain a plenty of space between you and the next guy on the beach.

7. Close your eyes.  Helps open up your other senses. (You will feel bumps that you never felt before)

8. Fish from dusk into night, stop at midnight, nap for 4 hours, fish from night into dawn.  

9. Don't be alarmed when your heart starts beating out of your chest when you get your first hook up.

10. Prepare to have your daytime experience ruined forever.

May I suggest getting into the water in your scouted location and making some casts at the approximate daytime tide that you plan to fish at night. May help with your faith in what's going on with your plugs, line and postioning yourself. Not a big deal but it would help. Confidence is your best friend.


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For me, it takes several days being out at night before I get the swing of it, usually the first day consists of putting hooks into my hand instead of bait on a hook. By about the third day out, I need less light to work and have few problems. 

 The best reward is fewer people to interfere with you. Some really good spots are only   Accessible when the beach goers are gone.

i use a petzel  head light and keep a aluminum 4” mag light in my pocket. The petzel  batteries last forever. If it’s pitch pack, I have a small plastic lantern I put by my tackle and bait bag.

i never fish barefoot at night. I have tennis shoes for the beach that are old and ripped up. I keep off rocks at night and don’t take risks.


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Lights aren't a problem as long as you repsect the guy beside you. Turn it off when you have a bait in the water. Don't shine your headlights on the water either. 

If you're fishing Cape Point at night for big Drum, fish one rod and hold it. Especially when a bite is on and lots of folks are there.


i keep a head lamp on my head and use it at different times. I also keep a small flashlight around my neck to shine up at my rod tip to see if my line is drifting down the beach. I turn it on momentary and move to where my line is. I hate when some guy shines his bright headlamp in my eyes and I will tell him to turn it off.


Anywhere else on the beach and your by yourself, do what you want. Just be respectful of the guy fishing near you. If they ain't using lights you probably shouldn't either. Even if you're there first . ... The guy who showed up probably knew that spot was already there.


Reading the beach and surf is imperitive for successful fishing down here. If you are unsure where the spot you want to fish is get there during daylight and fish into the night. Lots of troughs, sucks, drops and slews are constantly changing. Lots of youtubes for you to learn with.

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On 10/8/2018 at 8:58 PM, Borsig said:

What about lightsticks?

Are those a no go?


In addition to sharking, some of us use small ones placed in the bottom of our surf bags on really dark nights.  Provides enough illumination to retrieve plugs, power bar, etc. from your bag without having to turn on any light.  


If you crouch down a little and keep the flap in the right place, you're much less likely to be spotted by other anglers. 

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lots of great advice and shared knowledge !  It's all about feeling what's going on as stated above. Night time is the right time for quality fish and much less idiot interaction , landed and released my personal best this morning along with another decent fish  around 4:30, no one else in sight, we are truly blessed to live here.

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I fish tauk and other than the occasional porgie dead-sticker, (they hog up a lot of the surf with their lines) the guys are great.  Respectful, friendly and spot and line aware. 

And most of the beachbuggieists* are headlight deferential.  Occasionally there are a few looky-loos that want to watch me fish so they sit in there cars with their headlights aimed directly at me...a simple hand signal to indicate to them to shut their lights off and everything's copacetic.


Now, IBSP...that's a whole 'nother world. 


*And yes, beachbuggieists is an actual word.  Look it up.

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I fished a jetty on cape cod a few months ago for a dusk bite. There was a local there with me who was very friendly he suggested I leave when he leaves at sun down since the tide was rolling in still. Gave him the old “I’ll be fine”. He laughed and left, hour later in pitch black I was practically crawling on my hands and knees trying to get back the 75 yards to the beach. I was terrified. Anyway that’s my only night fishing experience. My home life doesn’t allow for overnight fishing to often. 

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