Your Favorite 3 color bucktails and plastics

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Bucktails: white, chartreuse, black


Plastics: white/pearl, chartreuse, black


I use many colors, and have confidence in them all. More so, I have confidence in myself.


The 3 I've listed have been the most productive over many years. 


If the selection was expanded, I would add wine and yellow to the bucktails, and most any of the laminated, baitfish type colors to the plastics, like Albino, Opening Night, etc. They will all catch fish. 

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59 mins ago, GoneCoastal said:

I'm curious to see what you carry or have the most confindence in. Right now mine are white ice, chartreuse and pink. Anthing I'm missing ? 

Solid color choices for sure,  just missing a dark pattern, either black or wine.

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Bucktails = white, always white.


Plastics = white, black, purple, and the color Gulp calls camo


When I used to fish for freshwater bass, I used jig heads with rubber hula skirts in black, purple, or gold. Frankly never saw much of a difference in effectiveness, colorwise.

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I'm not sure if the OP means different color bucktails or bucktails with multiple colors.


Most of my bucktails are just plain white, and a few solid yellow, black or chartreuse.  I have fished very little with bucktails that incorporate multiple colors, but a sea robin bucktail in brownm, red and yellow won me a pool this summer, so that one will get more play this coming year.

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