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Well gentlemen my trip was a success. Got to the SF of the Boise sat just before dark. Camped next to an old guy that had been there for two weeks. He gave me some great info on the hatches that were happening. The next day was just like he said. Kind of. 10am it started. Went until 2. Bwo and pinks came off pretty well. Caught some nice fish. Had to change flies a lot. It would work once or twice then they wouldn’t look at it. The Caddis hatch I got told about never happened. A cold front was pushing through. Guess that effected it. The afternoon was pretty slow. Right before dark they started eating spinners. Took a bit for me to figure that out but once I did, and was able to get a perfect drift, it was game on. 

Next day was 15 degrees colder. Windy as ****. Hatch never happened. Couldn’t get any trout on nymphs. I broke down camp and headed out. On my way out I saw trout rising. They were far more picky this day. Took a while to trick one into eating. Once I got one I got in the truck and headed back west. SF of the Boise is bad ass. Didn’t find any monsters it’s know for but what I did catch was a 16-18” average. 

On to the owyhee. Got in not long before dark. My buddy had just released a 20” brown. I got nothing that night. Next morning I got in the river. Tripped over a rock and dunked myself. Good start. Caught a 14” soon after. The rest of the day I had to work for them. Caught a bunch but it wasn’t easy. Just before dark I found a pod of risers. Eating spinners. Really had to work to get a 16” to eat. Had about 12” of drift before I’d get drag and they wouldn’t look at it. That one felt good. 

Next day was warmer. And the fishing was better. Caught a bunch of nice rainbows even though this place is known for browns. Bwo hatches about 230. Got a couple on dries. Missed two real nice fish on nymphs. At dark I found the risers again. I was gonna catch one fish and get on the road. Well it took a while. Had 4-5 eats from smaller fish that jumped off. I was giving up hope when a really nice 17” ate and stuck. Great final fish of the trip. 

Spinners on complicated currents suck. Really made me aware of what I was doing and exactly what was happening at the end of my line. Felt good to figure it out. The last 150 miles through the desert I had a pace car in front of me. Thank god. I was beat and got to just follow the tail lights. Can’t wait to do it again.














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Great report and nice looking fish.

Never fished either of those.

I have a close friend who's brother lives in Boise and sends me SF fish pics.

Some really nice fish in both.


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Good job, it’s not easy to quickly adapt to a new environment and actually do well, sounds like you passed the test.



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You’re giving me some serious nostalgia. I caught a big bow on the SF last fall and absolutely fell in love with Idaho, probably the only place I could give up the ocean for. Check out the film ‘Fly Highway’. 

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