Pac Bay Quickline 1409-4 report

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On 2/10/2019 at 2:23 PM, Mike Oliver said:

You are not going to see that HT.  When I said long I mean long. Red is going to be dapping  his fly on the other side of Stage Inlet. It’s the way to go. No casting ability needed. The rod really is the solution not the Fisher.

Now where did I put my pills.




Long as in 40', dap the fly right into the blitz and a reel the size of a tire. Casting is a hoax. Just throw money at it! No need to be fit and able, a beer belly just helps keep the rod tip up and anchor you to the sand. 

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I have a surf rod that I am going to deliver on Friday after that I will jump straight into the "Common Cents System"

I do believe you are right I think that is a discontinued rod, I have really nothing from Mudhole other than it was "Fast Action."


From Mudhole: FSP1367-4-MHX       Skagit 525-600      Scandi 480-510        Overhead (outbound line) 10 WT.


I will get my details to the build if you like.

Guides from memory Strippers 20 16 12 Runners snake 10, 8's to a BFTL-5-5.0 tip (Stainless steel Black)

When I was building this rod I build it mostly utilitarian, EVA foam fore and rear. Lengthen the foregrip foam between the reel seat using cocobolo to get a more natural overhand cast placement.

Having read your last post I am definitely as twisted in this TH setups as you are.

I appreciate your thoughts and effort on this more than you know.


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Paul I do hate to say this but I feel that if the rod is recommended for a maximum of 600 grains for a skagit head then I would wager even 500 grains overhead will be too much for out front use. Spey casting demands a rod load deeply, you can't just cast off the tip with spey casts like you can with a regular single handed rod. So in order to have the responsiveness you need for out front use we underline the rod quite a lot. A friend of mine uses a TH which would be like an 11 or 12 wt spey rating and he only uses 550 grains on it. I have cast this rod and it has the guts to really belt out that shooting head. But more weight than that and the rod gets sloppy which only hurts you.


But the rod could be underrated. Ratings are largely subjective. CCS is objective and so once that's done we'll have something real to go off of.


Personally I would not go with EVA for a fly rod grip fore or rear. I would sooner go with natural cork even though most of it is junk these days. I use syncork which is a synthetic substitute for natural cork and is harder and lighter but a real PITA to turn.


You guideset will work fine. Personally I would cut out the 16 and add another runner. But it doesn't matter that much.


We can talk over PM if you want. Would like not to get the thread derailed too too far. I wanted to put all my findings on here so others wanting to start the TH path would have a resource for getting into it.

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