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Years ago I was given a yard sale find from a friend who isn’t a fisherperson. It was a 302 in a box, but with no papers or tools. The box was roughed up but the reel was brand new. Anyway, I’m gearing up for a coastal surf casting trip where some young people will be underfoot and experiencing this type of activity for the first time. Wanting to show them some vintage gear in operation, I pulled out the 302 to add some line (never had line on it). It was then I noticed the top of the spindle is bent, mainly the threaded portion. The spool sits at an angle. At first blush it doesn’t look like anything is wrong, but when you really watch the up/down motion it is quite noticeable.


Upon close examination it looks like that top piece is pressed onto the main spindle. I heated it up a bit to see if I could loosen it and maybe reset it. No luck. Is this thing actually 1 machined piece and I am SOL, or will it take a more concerted effort to reset this? Thanks.

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Why don’t you try Johns tackle box in Texas. He stocks parts for old Mitchell 302 reels sometimes. His prices are way cheaper than eBay.

i would look there before marching. These reels are not that rare, and you could likely find a donor 302 with other issues cheap.

This is a fun reel to fish with.

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