Delaware river worth it?

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I think the decline of the herring population has Hurt the river.   I didn't even know what i was doing 12 years ago and i caught big, big stripers from the banks. Herring is the name of the game. 


Am i surprised some one would say my buddy did good in trenton?  no because it my opinion its going to be the last herring spot and when they are gone from there they are gone for good.  


things are different.  They should of put an end to herring  way before they did. Maybe they will come back or maybe they have and i just don t know. 7d197fa6_sabiki.jpeg

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American Shad are actually a type of herring and 2018 was one of the best shad runs the Big D has seen in decades. Stripers will likely not distinguish between herring species when feeding. We have caught stripers so far up the Big D that it is nuts. A resident population has been established and they are not exactly picky about what they will eat....shad, crayfish, eels etc.

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20 hours ago, crazybellringer said:

Im talking river herring?  How was that run this year?

Even 5 years ago it was common to be fishing and have herring swimming around and behind you. Haven't seen that in two or three years ( granted I put no time in over there this year for the big migratory fish ). 


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